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Apple Cement Finishing Company
Apple Cement specializes in designing and creating your vision within your budget. Our pricing is straight forward
with flexible adjustments to achieve your goals. Our estimates are always free.

Services we provide:
sport courts, garage slabs, steps, walkways, hot tub pads, borders,
Bobcat clearing or flatwork services, landscaping.
No job too small!

Not only is concrete functional, it lends itself to a wide variety of design options which can make a dramatic difference in home landscaping plans, as well as enhance property values. In addition to the traditional look, concrete can have the decorative appearance, feel, and color of brick, tile, slate, or stone. Exposed aggregate is another popular finish.

Finishes include but are not limited to: Exposed aggregate, Rock Salt, Stamped, Smooth Finish, Acid Wash,
Colored Concrete and special inserts.

Landscape Design with Sport Courts in mind.
Talk the value of curb appeal with a realtor